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'Touch and Explore: Animals at Night' by Pascale Hédelin, Emmanuel Ristord

inside touch and explore night animals

Feel the soft feathers of the owl, the bumpy skin of the toad, the delicate antennae of the moth, and much more as you make your way through the multisensory journey of 'Touch and Explore: Animals at Night'. With Halloween coming and the nights coming earlier I thought it was the perfect time share the latest addition to the critically acclaimed 'Touch and Explore' series. 

Touch and explore animals at night

I have been a huge fan of the 'Touch and Explore' series for many years. These books are perfect for story time with toddlers and preschoolers. They are sturdy enough that you can let your little ones hold the book or handle the pages by themselves. They even stand up to drooling mouths! The illustrations are bright and detailed cartoons and every page has a different large tactile experience. I love seeing the smiles of delight on young faces as they experience each texture. 

Inside animals at night owl

You might buy 'Touch and Explore: Animals at Night' for the amazing touch and feel experience, but you will cherish it for years because of how informative it is! It is just as educational as it is entertaining. Learn what owls do all day in their nests, why fireflies glow, and why toads wait until the night to hunt. 

The world of nighttime creatures is just a flip of the page away with this adorable and engaging bedtime favorite! 

 Touch and explore with owl

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