'The Forest Feast For Kids' by Erin Gleeson

'The Forest Feast For Kids' by Erin Gleeson

'The Forest Feast For Kids' by Erin Gleeson

If you are trying to get your kids excited about adding vegetables to their diet, look no farther than 'The Forest Feast For Kids'. The first Children's book from New York Times bestselling author Erin Gleeson is so beautiful and colorful that you will be running to the closest farmers market to get started. "To be tasty, recipes don't need to be complicated," says Gleeson, "My goal is for you to have fun..., be creative, (and) try some new ingredients". Her book features 40 simple recipes, table decoration crafts and party ideas, and an

awesome watercolor guide on kitchen safety tips and techniques (I learned a better garlic cutting technique!). The layout is unusual but easy-to-follow with beautiful hand lettering and photo-illustrated diagrams that keeps even pre-readers involved.


Although all the recipes are vegetarian, you certainly don't have to only eat greens to enjoy these recipes. The nutty couscous would go great with chicken! What I love about 'The Forest Feast for Kids' is that its celebrates fresh fruits and vegetables instead of hiding them and tricking kids into eating them. "I think the more you can get kids involved in the whole process - from growing to picking to shopping to cooking- the better chance you have of getting them to eat their vegetables" says author Gleeson, and she couldn't be more right. This cookbook gives kids ownership of their meals, encouraging them to try new foods and to be creative with the recipes and ingredients. Gleeson shows kids how much fun it can be to eat every color of the rainbow!

'The Forest Feast for Kids' is the perfect addition to a budding chef's library. The recipes are simple and don't take too long to create. The dishes are not only easy to make but also come out BEAUTIFUL, helping add to children's pride and confidence in the kitchen. In California, we have access to beautiful fresh produce all year round. Take advantage of it and start adding more vegetables into your meals today!

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More Praise for 'The Forest Feast For Kids':

"With its daring flavors and a whimsical, though mature, feel, this eye-catching cookbook is ideal for young foodies."(Booklist)

"Have you ever wanted to crawl into a cookbook and live in its world? That’s how I feel when I page through Erin Gleeson’s gorgeous The Forest Feast for Kids."(Parents.com)

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