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'The Dad Lab' by Sergei Urban

With more than 3.5 million fans, The Dad Lab has become a global sensation, with with videos of incredible and easy experiments for parents to do with their kids to introduce science basics and simply have some good fun. The author, Sergei Urban, is not a scientist or a teacher, he's just a dad with two boys: Alex and Max. Urban is on a mission to inspire parents to spend more quality times with their kids by sharing his own journeys into play, art and science!
  In this book, experimenting dad Sergei Urban goes beyond the videos with his top fifty science projects, including some that he's never shared before. I love how easy it is to just flip to a page and start a project. Almost all of the supplies are things you already have at home! Each activity features step-by-step instructions and explanations of the hows and whys to satisfy even the most curious kids. Projects are easy to follow and most can be don in thirty minutes or less, making this book the perfect choice for parents with kids of many different ages.
Learn how to:
  • Make your own magnet
  • Create slime with just two ingredients
  • Defy gravity with a ping pong ball
  • Generate your own electricity, and more!
Make the most of your time together with these fun kid-friendly, S.T.EM. projects that will inspire families to work, play, and learn together while they explore the secrets of the world around us.
Get your copy HERE and start experimenting today!

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