'The Constitution Decoded' by Katie Kennedy

'The Constitution Decoded' by Katie Kennedy

'The Constitution Decoded' by Katie Kennedy

What a refreshing refresher! It's been awhile since I first learned about our constitution and with the election around the corner, sometimes I feel like I need a lexicon just to make it through the evening news! 'The Constitution Decoded' takes each article of the constitution and breaks it down into language even I can understand!

All kidding aside, this book breaks down the constitution better than my 7th grade text book. After finding her daughter staying up late with the constitution at age 9, Author Katie Kennedy, who has been teaching history for 30 years, decided to write a guide to empower kids to become educated and engaged citizens. Follow her on Twitter here.

'The Constitution Decoded' is PACKED with mountains of information in digestible bites. I love that the original text is placed side by side with the simplified translation. To make things even easier to read and comprehend, important vocabulary is defined on every page (this means no more trying to explain congress on your own or flipping to the back of the book and losing your page!). Kennedy also provides historical context, examples of the articles in action, and amendments. 

This might be starting to sound bit dense at this point. While it can be tough to read straight (unless you love self-taught learning), 'The Constitution Decoded' is a great reference to have on hand! Bright cartoon illustrations by Ben Kirchner also make reading easier to understand and more engaging for young readers. Just pick a picture and read on to learn more! I bet you will want to keep flipping through the pages and reading more. 

Learning about the Declaration of Independence

While intended for grade school readers, it could really be used by anyone and everyone, from grade school to high school to adults. 'The Constitution Decoded' offers readers an unbiased understanding of the document that shaped our country and empowers us to form our own opinions and beliefs.  With election season in full swing and so many turning to distance learning and homeschooling, the timing is perfect to add a civics lesson to your curriculum!


Grab your copy today and read up! Election day is coming!

Constitution Decoded

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