"How to Read to Grandma or Grandpa" by Jean Reagan, illus. by Lee Wildish

"How to Read to Grandma or Grandpa" by Jean Reagan, illus. by Lee Wildish

"How to Read to Grandma or Grandpa" by Jean Reagan, illus. by Lee Wildish

How to read to Grandparents

The bestselling writing and illustrating team of 'How To Babysit A  Grandma' and 'How to Babysit a Grandpa' are back! Jean Reagan and Lee Wildish's new book is just as sweet, silly, and smart as their last! If you are a grand parent, or love a grandparent, you need this book on your shelf!

 I love this series and its sweet portrayal of an effortless and loving bond between the grandchildren and their grandparents. The young siblings empower the readers to navigate any awkwardness or nervousness about spending time alone with their grandparents and to have the most fun during their visit! But this book is a gem even if you already have an easy relationship. The grandchildren walk the reader through the steps for a successful story time: how to choose a book, when and where to read, and even how to give theatrical readings to have more fun and engage your listeners! 'How to Read to a Grandma or Grandpa' shows families how to integrate reading into every day and helps children take charge of their literacy. 

Reading with grandma
"How to Read to a Grandma or Grandpa" is easy and fun to follow. The silly cartoonish illustrations are bright and warm. The book follows the style of a How To Guide with numbered steps, hilarious bullet-pointed options, opened-ended questions, and bubble speech suggestions. Soon grandchildren and grandparents will be giggling together and making their own memories and special bond. Suggested for ages 4 to 10.

My favorite review comes from a grandmother who is already enjoying sharing it with her grandchildren:

"This is a book every grandma and grandpa probably need to go ahead and buy to keep at your house for those times when your grandkids come over. It's quite humorous! Factual, too."

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  • Thanks for featuring my HOW TO READ TO A GRANDMA OR GRANDPA as your book of the week. Seeing your post put a smile on my face. Everyone, stay safe and happy reading! :-)
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