'How To Be A Person' by Catherine Newman

'How To Be A Person' by Catherine Newman

'How To Be A Person' by Catherine Newman

Have you ever wished that necessary life skills were something they taught in school?

How To Be A Person is the perfect addition to your home curriculum this year. Author Catherine Newman has created the ultimate guide book for kids, tweens, and teens to learn how to become more independent, more dependable, and even more kind. After staying at home together for months 24/7, I'm sure lots of adults could use a brush up too! Learn how to manage your money, take care of pets, apologize, launder your clothes and much, much more with Newman's charming, thorough, and easy-to-follow directions. 

Where has this book been all my life?! Let's be honest, tweens don't want to listen to us. They want to be more self-sufficient but they don't want to ask for help! Brilliantly written in a graphic novel format and punctuated with humor, How To Be A Person enables and encourages kids to take charge of their own development. Earnest and hilarious, I love how this books flips effortlessly from thoughtful reasons why these life skills are important to ridiculous situations that you might need them. It also covers a wide array of topics, from finances, to cleaning, to manners, and beyond! Although suggested for ages 10 and up, the cartoons and layout make it very appealing to kids in elementary school or in high school. Heck, it would even make a great farewell gift for teenagers heading off for college!

My Favorite Review:

"I got a copy for all 3 of our grandchildren. It is so well-done and appealing. My youngest particularly took to it and loves telling us and showing us what she is learning. I wish I had had it for our children when they were preteens."

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