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El Cucuy Is Scared, Too! by Donna Barba Higuera and Juliana Perdomo

El Cucuy Is Scared Too!

Even monsters get scared sometimes! This heartfelt, humorous and unexpected book gently teaches us how to tackle our fear of the unknown through courage and the power of unexpected friendship. El Cucuy is Scared Too!  follows young Ramon and El Cucuy (the Mexican boogeyman who lives in his cactus pot) who have just moved to a new country. Ramon is now more worried to start a new school than he is to share a room with a monster! As it turns out, El Cucuy has worries too! United by their commonalities, the unlikely friends encourage each other to be fuerte y valiente together.

I love the way author Donna Barba Higuera takes this story about being scared and infuses it with so much sweetness and humor. As the story unfolds, the fast-paced back and forth dialogue between Ramon and El Cucuy soothes the pair and the readers of any fear. She cleverly and seamlessly intertwines Mexican folklore and Spanish vocabulary throughout this sweet tale, making it a great opportunity to talk about different cultures that surround us here on the central coast.

Peek inside el cucuy

Peak inside El Cucuy
The story is complimented by the bold illustrations by Juliana Perdomo. I have never seen such a cute and whimsical El Cucuy! The bright colors remind me of beautiful paper picado decorations. The beautiful high contrast pictures are so engaging for readers of all ages. You will want to pour over the pages again and again!
El Cucuy is Scared TooEl Cucuy is Scared Too! is the perfect addition to your library if your family is facing any new adventures or changes or if you want to introduce a little more Hispanic culture to your reading list. Get your copy at Whiz Kids Toys today!

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