'Dear Sweet Pea' by Julie Murphy

'Dear Sweet Pea' by Julie Murphy

'Dear Sweet Pea' by Julie Murphy

Dear Sweet Pea

Suggested for ages 8 and older. Lexile: 810 L


In her first book for middle schoolers, New York Times best-selling author Julie Murphy creates a most believable and relatable character with a distinctive voice and personality.  Patricia “Sweet Pea” DeMarco is dealing with a lot at 13 and navigating middle school friendships is only one of her many concerns.  Her parents are divorcing and dividing her time between both homes isn’t easy nor is the rift with her former best friend Kiera. She has an eccentric neighbor, a local advice columnist who asks Sweet Pea for a favor while away on holiday, requesting that she simply forward the letters addressed to her column. This however creates a dilemma for Sweet Pea when she recognizes the hand-writing on one of the letters and decides to intervene.

In this endearing book about a bright and articulate young girl trying to find her way through the many changes she wouldn’t have wished for and can’t control, the author addresses the issues of divorce as well as homophobia as learning opportunities for acceptance, self-love, inclusion and understanding.

Inside Dear Sweet Pea

I love this book! There are so many universal truths addressed here through the honest voices of Julie Murphy’s engaging characters and the true to life situations she creates for them to navigate. 

"This book was so adorable and my heart is FULL!" says one reader, "I really, really wish it had been there for me when I was a kid". 

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