Carmela Full of Wishes by Matt de la Pena, illus. by Christian Robinson

Carmela Full of Wishes by Matt de la Pena, illus. by Christian Robinson

Carmela Full of Wishes by Matt de la Pena, illus. by Christian Robinson

Carmela Full of wishes

The dream team of Matt de la Pena and Christian Robinson have produced another beautiful story that you will love reading and re-reading. The lyrical text paired with vibrant cultural art, make this New York Times Bestseller a beautiful ode to familial love, to dreamers, and to finding hope in unexpected places.

Carmela Full of Wishes follows young Carmela on her birthday. Finally old enough to accompany her brother on family errands throughout their neighborhood, Carmela finds an opportunity to make a birthday wish, a lone dandelion growing through the concrete. Young readers will connect with her search for the perfect wish on her birthday.

Inside Carmela Full of Wishes

Through de la Pena's story and Robinson's bright and detailed pictures, Carmela's quest takes the reader on a richly detailed exploration of her neighborhood and all of the wishes that surround her. With the help of her brother, she finally settles on a sweetly satisfying wish that is hers alone. 

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Carmela Full of Wishes offers children insight into the life, hopes, and dreams of others and helps start conversations about our own hopes. "Carmela Full of Wishes is exactly the kind of children’s book that keeps me coming back again and again for more inspiration" says one reader. "It highlights the importance of kindness. It encourages hopefulness while accepting real life with all its imperfections. It is relatable and inspires pride in the life we are given."

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Make a Wish Dandelion Craft

Reading this story made me want a dandelion of my own! Do you want a dandelion to wish on? 

Download this printable and decorate your own dandelions! This is a great craft project for little hands. It's quick, easy, and almost entirely mess free! I used Do A Dot Markers, which I LOVE because they are easy to hold and control, washable, and even made in the USA! There are 2 ways to decorate! 

1) Fingerprint Stamps

I love finger painting! It is so fun to engage with the paint and the paper and is a great tactile experience. Finger painting with Do A Dot markers is easy. Just shake our Do A Dot Marker and dab the ink pad down on your chosen finger twice. Once their is a bit of wet paint on your finger, press it down! These washable paints come off  your fingertips easily with a little warm and sudsy water.

2) Maker Stamps

If you really want a mess free experience, take your fingers out of the equation and stamp the markers down straight! If you you want a bigger color dot, press down firmly. If you refer smaller dots, press down lightly.

Keep your wish to yourself, but please share your art with us! Send us a picture of your dandelion at or tag us @whizkidsslo on Facebook or Instagram.

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