'Love is My Favorite Thing' by Emma Chichester Clark

'Love is My Favorite Thing' by Emma Chichester Clark

'Love is My Favorite Thing' by Emma Chichester Clark

Meet Plum, a sweet but mischievous dog who finds herself in an awful lot of trouble. Plum reminds me of so many puppies (and enthusiastic youngsters of all kinds!). She loves the going park, playing in the water and eating ice cream. Sometimes her enthusiasm gets her into trouble. "Oh, Plum!" her owners sigh over and over again. Then Plum feels a very familiar feel; anxiety. She worries that her friends and family won't love her anymore.

This sweet tale of unconditional love is must-have for dog lovers; but it's lesson reaches much farther.  We all make mistakes and disciplining and disappointment are part of every parent-child relationship. Plummie's story is a sweet and silly way to show our children that we will ALWAYS love them, even when they make mistakes and get into trouble. 

I will be honest; this book still makes me smile every time I see it. The short vignette style of story telling keeps kids engaged and actively following along. The illustrations and characters are adorable and so relatable. I STILL get anxiety when I let people down. But just like Plum, my friends and family always show me love and forgiveness. And I get to love and forgive them too! Children will relate to Plum too. Her infectious joy and energy, her desire to be good and receive love, and her mishaps and mischief! 

There's a reason this book has been a staff favorite for 5 years! Fall in love with Plum and her love of love!






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