"Beautiful Oops" By Barney Saltzberg

"Beautiful Oops" By Barney Saltzberg

"Beautiful Oops" By Barney Saltzberg

"Beautiful Oops!" is an award-winning, best-selling, one-of-a-kind, interactive book for young readers. The message is simple: Not only is it okay to make mistakes, it is something to be celebrated! Author Barney Saltzberg takes readers on a journey through the transformation from mistake to something amazing through lift-the-flaps, pop-ups, overlays, bends, tears and holes. An accidental tear in your paper? Don’t be upset about it, turn it into the roaring mouth of an alligator. Saltzberg does an amazing job showing how just changing your viewpoint, and thinking creatively, can make any accident into a new opportunity. 

Where was this book when I was a kid? Until I started at Whiz Kids, I swore that I was no good at art. I was paralyzed by mistakes I would make when trying to draw or paint. One stray line, or smudge, or tear and I would get rid of the whole page and start again. Or I would walk away from the project all together. But this book isn't just a must-have for budding perfectionists who wish they could draw. Beautiful Oops! encourages children to think more creatively and see the potential in situations. This goes way beyond art. An optimistic outlook and problem solving skills are important life skills!

 The reason Beautiful Oops! is so successful in teaching these lessons is apparent as soon as you open the book! It doesn't just tell you it's okay to make mistakes; it shows you! After sharing this book at Story Time, I can tell you that kids LOVE the big reveals of how Saltzberg 'fixes' his mistakes. But better yet, after reading it through a time or two, kids will tell you how THEY would fix the mistake. That's when the magic really starts. Children's imaginations are truly limitless and I love hearing what they see in the spills and splats throughout the book. Although preschoolers LOVE it, Beautiful Oops! is fun for elementary school kids too and even an important reminder for recent grads who are tackling new problems. 

My favorite review of the book comes from a mom who brought this book home to her toddler:

"'I like it, Mama! It’s fun!' This is what my almost-three-year-old said about the book after asking me to read and read it again for about fives times in a row! And of course I had to continue re-reading it again at least for another 5 times! This is definitely a WOW book for me because we were surprised and delighted by every page at the way the author and illustrator turned each mistake into something beautiful."




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